Andrew Perron
A passionate Chef

Passionate of nature, chef Andrew draws on wild plants and the abundance of the Earth to create tasty, nutritious dishes. In addition to is training in French cuisine and 9 years of experience in various restaurants in Quebec, he has specialized over time in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Seasonal cuisine with local and fresh products, as well as the picking of wild plants are what he favors. Apart from his inspirations from nature, his culinary influences come mainly from Asia, India, France and Italy.

Each of the foods included in the inspired recipes are chosen with care to encourage the consumption of responsible products and this without forgetting the opportunities to introduce food from Le Couvent Val-Morin garden.

Thus, by choosing one of these menus, you encourage local producers adopting nature-friendly agricultural practices, animals and humans and developing a rich garden on the site itself.

These menus contain:

  • 3 meals a day
  • 2 snacks
  • 1 dessert at supper

* Note that there may be some changes to the menu to take advantage of the offer of local crops.

Alternatives are available for anyone with gluten intolerances, allergies or other specific needs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Andrew directly.